Online shopping is especially in the exam phase totally seductive, because eig you have no time to stroll around the city. And in the weather not really fancy, I prefer to spend the free minutes in the sun. But in a learning break times quickly a little click around is always in it. So I became weak again with Douglas and ordered two babies, on which I have been eyeing for some time: The Mineral Powder by Laura Mercier is indeed quite hyped by many Youtubers and traded as one of the best of its kind. Of course, the price is not without, but with Douglas you can always save a lot with various codes and get even one or the other free product. Too seductive;) Overall, I’ve paid for the powder so “only” scarce 39 €. Of course that’s still a lot, but after trying it a few times now, I’m just thrilled. It is wonderfully light on the skin and matt, without taking away the glow of the skin and still acts as a soft focus.

So ideal for the summer, in my opinion really so right! The Benefit They’re Real Mascara is likely to be a household word too. I also found them interesting for some time and since there is currently a special edition with a small size for free, I have struck. So far, I think they are good, but if the price is worth it, I have yet to form an opinion.

Also, I got two pairs of heels sent to me, but unfortunately not as enthusiastic as my Douglas purchase. I have never ordered from Mart of China and will probably not do that in the future. It’s clear that shoes for such a low price are not the high-flyers in terms of quality, but I was still rather disappointed. What struck directly is the penetrating smell of chemistry, which unfortunately has not disappeared even after days. That alone speaks against the fact that I wear my shoes longer. In addition, unfortunately, they are very bad or obviously glued, you can see that even a bit on the pictures, especially in the sales area. If you are still interested in the shoes or other models from the shop: Order one size larger, because they are quite narrow and tight!

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