The summer is just taking a break and the cooling is really good. But from the middle of the week the sun should shine again and with it the temperatures will climb up again. Since we already have in the end of July, it is really time to show you my summer favorites in the field of beauty. As far as make-up is concerned, there is only a small amount of it, because who wants to tuck in the entire face, if you already have the feeling that everything melts away again?

Alterra Bronzer in 02 sun kissed: At first glance, the color looks rather dark, after all, it’s the darker of the two nuances. Applied it also works on lighter skin wonderful sonnengelüsst (as the name suggests) and replaced with me currently almost equal to the blush. Currently, I do not use another bronzer, even Hoola and the Chocolate Bronzer Bourjois are currently spurned. That it is natural cosmetics and the price is unbeatable makes the product of course even lovable!

Avène thermal water: In practical handbag size my constant companion, it is just so refreshing to spray it on hot days. Even if my skin feels stressed, the product is a good helper that calms and cares.

Victoria’s Secret Body Spray: Perfumes are usually too heavy for me in summer, so I prefer to use body sprays. Just after showering or simply sprayed in between, they are wonderfully refreshing and wrap you in a flowery or fruity scent cloud, which you only smell a few seconds later, when you sniff directly at the skin. Incidentally, there are also great body sprays from Hollister or The Body Shop.

Treaclemoon Coconut Island Shower Cream: Coconut is my summer fragrance 2013 and therefore of course my shower gel must smell of coconut. The description on the bottle says it all!

St. Moriz Instant Selftan: Since we all know that it is not healthy to lie so much in the sun and some people are more red instead of crisp brown, Selbstbräuner is the optimal solution for me. I did not have the problem with either this product or with others that the result would be streaky, spotty or orange. I apply the mousse with the corresponding applicator (usually in the evening), in order to wash off the leftovers in the morning. A disadvantage is in any case the fact that the bed sheet is a bit discolored, but in the washing machine that goes out easily. The disgusting self-tanner smell is not so strong at St. Moriz, but unfortunately it still exists. Apart from that, I really like the product and I have been confirmed by many that the result looks very natural. Many did not believe that my tan comes through self-tanner;)

Essie Lovie Dovie – Spagetthi Strap – Blanc – Cute as a button: I have a lot more beautiful summer colors, but especially often these four were worn. Especially for tanned skin they shine especially. In general, I can really recommend Essie paints, since order and durability are just great. I had First, a white paint from H & M, which was very difficult and streaky on assignment, however, the variant of Essie is worlds better. The price is worth it!

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